Can The US Stop All Online Gambling?

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In what some are calling “the new prohibition,” the US government continues their efforts to stomp out all online gambling. Business Week has a good overview of the fight against online gambling, which many think will be as effective as the original Prohibition. The article covers the stories concerning the WTO ruling against the US in their efforts to stop gambling operations in Antigua and the questionable legality of threatening companies who sell ads to online gambling operations, but offer no online gambling themselves. Where the issue may get even trickier, however, is that the UK may start to put pressure on the US to stop being such a prude when it comes to online gambling, and (as you might imagine), the UK has a bit more clout than Antigua. Either way, it’s pretty clear that plenty of Americans are still taking part in online gambling, and by refusing to admit this exists, they’re much more likely to be driven to questionable sites while having fewer resources to help them out, should any online gambling reach the “problem” stage.

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Comments on “Can The US Stop All Online Gambling?”

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