Will Increased Phone Churn Harm Feature Adoption?

A new report (put out by a company that wants to solve this particular issue, so watch the bias) says that the increasing rate of handset churn may actually delay feature adoption by end users. The reasoning is that if people are swapping out handsets so often, they won’t take the time to learn about all the features on their phone, and will be annoyed/disappointed/confused when new phones don’t have the same settings and/or features. Considering that the handset industry is (once again) bringing up the idea that people should want multiple handsets, this is an issue worth noting. However, it’s unclear if it’s really that big a problem, as phones increasingly are synced over the air or store most settings in a SIM card. It really sounds like this particular company is making something sound like a bigger problem then it really is in order to create a solution.

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