Up Next? High School – Brought To You By….

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mcc writes “A company called Universal Scoreboards has come up with a novel way of getting advertising into high schools. The company is giving away high-tech scoreboards to schools and getting prime ad real estate in exchange. Advertisers get a very targeted, captive audience, USB gets advertising dollars, and the school gets a cool new scoreboard and a share of the ad revenue. While the practice raises questions about the propriety of using schools as marketing centers, the potential for some schools to supplement inadequate funding may help it gain widespread acceptance.” This does strike me as an interesting business model experiment, even if some find it a bit upsetting to see schools get more corporate. Companies are increasingly realizing that business models can be a bit different than simply selling things directly, though, when it gets into the school system, it’s not hard to understand why it upsets some people.

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Comments on “Up Next? High School – Brought To You By….”

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DV Henkel-Wallace says:

Re: ads in textbooks?

” it’s only a matter of time before product placements (i.e. ads) start showing up in textbooks.”

Sorry, it’s already happening. Check out this google link which provides such gems a:

Billy Kramer (user link) says:

Ads on Scoreboards

Coke has been giving scoreboards away in Georgia for years. Coke partners with an advertising agency and lets them sell other advertising on the board which is also shared with the school.

The program has been average at best.

Schools with great booster clubs don’t like the program because of the conflicts that can arise between their sponsors and the ads the 3rd party sells.

Also, companies don’t want to advertise with schools that have poor attendance.

These two problems leave a small percentage of schools that can really benefit from the program.

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