Feds Can't Stop Fax.com, But Maybe Idaho Can?!?

from the good-luck-with-that dept

Fax.com has gotten pretty famous over the years for simply ignoring any legal judgment against them. Sometimes they just ignore it, and other times they form shell companies and pretend Fax.com no longer exists. Despite being fined (multiple times) and having a $2.2 trillion lawsuit filed against them, the company hasn’t done much at all to respond. Last month, in fact, a court had to tell them again to stop faxing. As if they’ll suddenly pay attention. Well, now, for some reason, the Attorney General of Idaho thinks he’s got a better solution and has banned the company from doing business in Idaho. Oh yeah, they also fined them $5,000, which is a bit smaller than the $5 million fine the Feds announced. Fax.com says they’ll stop faxing people in Idaho, but given their past activities, you have to wonder whether or not that’s the case.

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