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by Mike Masnick Told To Stop Yet Again

from the yeah,-like-that'll-stop-them dept

You may remember that leading junk faxer has been in some legal trouble over the past few years. They first were fined $5.38 million by the FCC who found it impossible to collect, despite announcing the fine multiple times and finally asking the FTC to help out (to no avail). Then, they tried to hide themselves by starting up a bunch of shell companies that claimed no association with, but were obviously the same people. The company is also being sued for $2.2 trillion by Steve Kirsch, who argues they owe at least that much if they owe $500 per junk fax (as stipulated by the anti-junk-fax law). Now, the United States District Court of Southern California has put in place a temporary injunction telling (and all its spinoff companies) to stop junk faxing as part of a $15 million lawsuit filed by California against the company. Obviously, given the company's history, it seems unlikely they'll pay much attention.

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    Steve Mueller, 11 Oct 2004 @ 12:22am

    Put 'Em In Jail

    They ought to put these scumbags in prison. They have proven they won't stop and won't comply with civil judgments.

    Spam is bad enough, but junk faxes tie up a resource and definitely cost people money. A few months of being Bubba's prison wife might convince them to get a real job.

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    • identicon
      Adam, 12 Oct 2004 @ 8:57am

      Re: Put 'Em In Jail

      The saddest part is that despite all of the hassles and law suits, they continue to persevere. Why? Obviously because junk faxing is a viable and economically worth-while form of marketing.

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