Wireless Internet Booming In Korea

It’s unlikely this surprises many, but the wireless internet usage in Korea continues to boom, with over 40% of Korean mobile phone users using the wireless internet on a regular basis. The demographic splits probably won’t surprise too many people. The older you are, the less likely you are to use the wireless internet… by far. Over 84% of teenagers use it, while only 4% of people in their 50s. The age groups in between follow an expected downward trend for each decade group. One interesting note is that a higher percentage of women (just barely) use it than men, which perhaps goes against the US (at least) stereotype of geeky guys messing around with the wireless internet. Of course, once you’ve hit the point where 40% of the population is involved, it’s clear that you’re beyond the niche “geeky guy” crowd. One last interesting point in the article, though, the details aren’t entirely clear, is that it sounds like KT is getting ready to upgrade 16,000 hotspots from 802.11b to 802.11g. The article, though, seems to suggest there’s no bottleneck in the backhaul slowing down the internet access speeds.

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