Misplaced Anger Over File Sharing Networks Really A PR Stunt

from the let's-try-this-again... dept

The head of Wippit, a company trying to make it easier to “share” music in a more authorized way is apparently furious to find out that well known brands advertise on file sharing networks like eDonkey. There are a few problems with his claims. First, instead of complaining to the firms in question, he sent his complaint to the recording industry. In other words, this is a publicity stunt. He’s trying to get more business for his company by taking his complaint to his customers, rather than those actually responsible. Second, he claims that eDonkey is an “illegal network” which is not true at all, as the courts have made clear in cases up until this point. If he’s in the business, he knows that — but he has no problem calling his competition “illegal” because it suits his marketing needs.

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