The VoIP Money Back Guarantee That Might Cost You $500

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The details on this one aren’t entirely clear, but it certainly sounds shady. One of the many VoIP providers out there, named VoIP2 apparently has a “money back guarantee.” As part of that deal, though, they say they’ll still charge you for the phone calls you made, on a per-minute basis. The wording suggests this will be at $0.03 per minute in the US and then some international rate outside the US — which is not made clear. One person who canceled his account claims to have received a bill for $500 — suggesting he made a few of those international calls. The details aren’t entirely clear on what happened here, so it’s possible that the company is completely within its right. Still, it seems like quite a shock to then find a bill for $500 when you thought you were getting your “money back.”

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