Video Games Matter… Movies Mattering Less

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While the movie industry complains and complains about those crazy internet “pirates” taking their movies (when there’s little evidence that any movie downloading actually takes away box office receipts from the industry) a much bigger threat is the competition from video games. Blockbuster is giving up more of their shelf-space to video games — in some instances, more than 50% of their stores are now devoted to video games, rather than movies. It seems that the folks running the movie industry still don’t quite believe that video games are as interesting as (or more interesting than) movies to the younger generation. This, despite the fact that today’s video games are much more interactive, and often have story lines that match movies. This isn’t to say that movies are in any way doomed, but that those in the industry need to realize that they’re competing over a limited entertainment budget, and many people find that they’d rather spend that cash on games than on movies.

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