Sony BMG Working With Grokster?

from the shocker dept

BMG has always been a bit more willing to experiment with new models and ideas in the music industry. They were, after all, the recording industry label that actually funded Napster. Of course, most of those involved at that time have been pushed aside from BMG. However, now that they’ve joined with Sony, the LA Times (BugMeNot unfortunately required) is claiming that Sony BMG will be working with file sharing system Grokster on a project. This is likely to upset some of the other record labels who figure if they repeat that file sharing has no redeeming value enough times, maybe someone outside the industry (other than politicians) will believe them. The details are very fuzzy, but this really sounds more like an idea to smother file sharing, rather than embrace it — by pointing people only to “authorized” versions of songs. The project, called Mashboxx would (full circle, everyone) use some technology from Shawn Fanning’s SnoCap (which has been discussed before).

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