Canadians Fight Back Against Mobile Phone Fees

from the how-legal-are-your-fees dept

The issue about all those fees added on to various bills has been covered numerous times, but it looks like some Canadians are fighting back. They’ve filed a class action lawsuit against Canadian carriers, claiming that the “system access” fee they charge is illegal. The fee, like most of these fees, is not required by the government, but consumers are misled to believe it is from the way it’s worded. Of course, that probably describes most of the fees people see on their bills. Personally, I have no problem with companies breaking out their fees and showing what they’re charging. My complaint is that they’re advertising prices without these fees, which seems like false advertising.

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Comments on “Canadians Fight Back Against Mobile Phone Fees”

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Oliver Wendell Jones (profile) says:

A good example is gasoline

A lot of the gas stations in the area where I live have stickers on the pump that show how much money goes toward taxes for every gallon of gas – the tax is already figured into the cost of the gas.

Maybe they should learn a lesson from the cell companies and start advertising gas at $1.01 per gallon (+ tax and fees).

Can you just imagine the consumer reaction?

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