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Upside Down Fax Costs 100 Million Euros

from the whoooops dept

People make mistakes all the time, but how often can you think of a simple mistake that cost in the range of a 100 million euros? It’s even more impressive when you realize that mistake was putting important documents into the fax machine upside down. A lawyer (you wonder how much he was paid per hour) trying to fax a 100 page document outlining the European Commission’s case against a bunch of banks for running a cartel couldn’t be bothered to look at the instructions, and put the document in upside down. Since the court ended up with 100 blank pages instead of an argument, they ruled for the banks.

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Comments on “Upside Down Fax Costs 100 Million Euros”

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Mike says:

That reminds me of a joke

A judge has heard a long and complex commercial case, and retires to his country cottage to write up his verdict – which is suitably long and complex itself. He returns to London to deliver it. However, as the court convenes he realises with horror that he’s left the verdict on the table back in the rural retreat.

“I’m terribly sorry,” he says to the courtroom. “I’m unable to continue as I’ve not brought the verdict back with me. It’s stuck down in Dorset, and I’ll have to recess until I can retrieve it.”

One of the solicitors has an idea. “Fax it up, m’lord?” he says, helpfully.

“Yes, I’m afraid it does rather.” says the judge, sadly.

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