Flarion Snags Netgear — Sign Of Things To Come?

The Associated Press is noting that Netgear has agreed to make datacards for Flarion’s FLASH-OFDM technology, which is taken to suggest that Flarion is close to publicly announcing that one of their trials on every continent is actually going beyond trial stage to a real deployment. This follows Siemens announcement last week that they would be making OFDM equipment as well. The details show that Netgear will be adding OFDM to their WiFi cards creating an integrated solution for folks who happen to live in places where someone is offering a Flarion service. Now we just have to wait and see if Nextel really turns the Flarion trials into a full commercial service, as many expect. Either way, Flarion is showing a lot of momentum these days, which they’re going to need in the increasingly crowded wireless broadband arena.

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Comments on “Flarion Snags Netgear — Sign Of Things To Come?”

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1 Comment
alaric says:

Nice knowing you WiMAX

the writing is on the wall for WiMAX….niche status.

the problem:

If you can get an air interface which is more spectrally efficient than that of wimax and which already supports mobility well now (as opposed to in 4 years…maybe…maybe) then why wait for WiMAX. You will not.

problem two:
If mobile carriers deploy wide footprints of mobile broadband tech then why will you need wimax in low-density areas. You could use the flarion network for that.

I think the WiMAX best reposition.

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