Can't Name Your Kid @ In China

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China has decided that a man cannot name his kid “@” because it can’t be translated into Mandarin. The man argued that since it’s on every keyboard, an exception should be made. However, hopefully the kid will be thankful he doesn’t need to go through life with such a… um… name? Either way, I would assume that, at some point, someone has figured out how to translate @ into Mandarin, because there are an awful lot of Mandarin-speaking people with email addresses.

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Comments on “Can't Name Your Kid @ In China”

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Kevin (user link) says:

it's interesting

It’s interesting article. Early time,I had convinced my parents to use Email keep communicate with me who are living in south China, I tried to teach them pronounce “@” on a email address once if they’re going to tell other people their email address. By the end, they find out their own way, they called “@” in Mandarin “xiao er duo” which means “small ear” or “little rat with tail”. they told me that most of their friends use this same meaning-translate to call that little “@” as well.

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