Peer To Peer Goes Respectable

from the not-just-about-file-sharing-any-more dept

While it should come as little surprise to most readers around here, some people are just starting to realize that peer-to-peer technology isn’t just about file sharing, and there are many extremely useful applications of P2P. Simson Garfinkel is now listing out a variety of uses of P2P that don’t fall under the traditional file sharing banner. Really, though, this is more of an effort to clear the name of “P2P” and not do much more. When anti-P2P people talk about it, they don’t mean P2P, but just mean file sharing and have no idea that P2P is just the way in which most file sharing systems work.

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Comments on “Peer To Peer Goes Respectable”

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1 Comment
Brian says:

File sharing respectable too

So the tone of the article is that P2P can be used for good but file-sharing is undoubtedly bad. That totally ignores the wonderful legal uses of file-sharing, including distribution of free software like Linux, distribution of free media, distribution of free media like recordings of political events in Washington, distribution of Indie music, etc.

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