Recording Industry Might Just Keep Webcast Royalties

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While the recording industry pushed so hard for compulsory licensing fees for radio webcasts and so hard against compulsory licensing for downloads (realizing, of course, they can sell downloads, but can’t sell webcasts), it turns out that the fine print says that SoundExchange, the supposedly not-for-profit “affiliate” of the RIAA gets to keep any of the unclaimed royalties from the compulsory licenses. Seems like a pretty good deal for the RIAA. They collect the fees, and if no one steps up, they keep the fees. Whatever happened to all that talk about “doing what’s best for the musicians?” It seems like you could make a bigger case that this is actual “theft” than downloading a song.

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Comments on “Recording Industry Might Just Keep Webcast Royalties”

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hanzie says:

Re: Re: Re: SoundExchange Collections

You’re quite likely correct, since this is exactly the same trick lawyers often pull for some extra income: they keep one bank account containing all the money their clients are entitled to claim, and keep it until they do. Meanwhile, the money sits there, racking up intrest for the lawyer. When said client shows up, he gets his money, but no intrest (Of course not! After all, he should’ve just stepped up and claimed it sooner!)

Final result: loads of extra income for the lawyer (or in this case the RIAA), and no laws broken. Nice system, huh? 🙂

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