Time For CEOs To Realize How Screwed Up The Patent System Is

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We wrote about the book Innovation and Its Discontents : How Our Broken Patent System is Endangering Innovation and Progress, and What to Do About It earlier this year noting that it sounded quite good, as it not only showed what was wrong, but also suggested a solution. The book still isn’t out, but the New York Times has some more information about it, including a discussion on how the patent system got to be so bad, as well as what the book’s authors think it will take to change. They say that most companies don’t realize how much damage the patent system is doing, and that a very small group of lawyers in the D.C. patent bar have the incentive to keep the patent system screwed up. Thus, the only real change will come when CEOs of companies realize just how the patent system is harming their prospects by turning the whole process into an arms race rather than a system for encouraging innovation. Hopefully, this book will help get the point across.

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