Do People Need P2P Private Email?

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A company in the UK named Jeftel has come up with their own take on a P2P application — this one aimed at offering “no leak” secure email. The idea is that rather than worry about your ISP and/or mailserver hanging onto copies of the emails you send and receive, if you and the person your email both had software from this company, you could connect directly between computers and send encrypted emails. The software appears to work on top of existing email clients, which make sense. The company also makes some bizarre claims about how this will wipe out spam, but the small print makes it clear it will wipe out spam only if everyone adopts this solution — and the company then monitors every account to make sure no one is sending too many messages. Not exactly a reasonable claim, then. It appears the only real benefit to this over encrypted email is that your mail server and/or ISP won’t store a copy of the encrypted message — but if it’s well encrypted that shouldn’t really matter. Besides, given our government’s focus lately on making sure they can tap absolutely every form of communication around, it seems likely that this sort of service won’t be too popular with law enforcement types and politicians who will quickly brand it a tool for terrorists.

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Comments on “Do People Need P2P Private Email?”

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Steve says:


In your posting, you mentioned “but if it’s well encrypted that shouldn’t really matter”. The encryption used in normal e-mail might probably be enough only to keep your kid brother at bay. But Jeftel claims to use a highly advanced encryption method as an extra level of security. The fact that your mail does not get stored anywhere is the main attribute that offers security. Encryption is only an addition. The company says that it can prevent spam by disabling the account of the person who seems to be using jeftel for sending spams. You will not find this with normal e-mail providers. It hence works on the the principle that all Jeftel users are trusted parties. A spammer does not want to spend 25 pounds for spamming and end up with a disabled account each time. When talking about terrorism, I would like to say that all communication mechanisms in past have been exploited by terrorists. Terrorists have easy access to arsenals of weapons, and anyone’s concern should be to stop such access. Instead I don’t see any reason to deny the public the right to their privacy, just because of a fly in the ointment. I strongly feel that this product would be welcome world-wide. Thanks Jeftel..!!

David Harper says:

Re: Re: Mike

No Joslin

The way that some spammers get email addresses is to use call centres in India to pretend to be customers and get the email addresses from them. The spammer then sends emails to those people but tells their customers they have opted in. They haven’t opted in at all. It’s unsolicited bulk email and that is exactly what your sister company WWT Media does, isn’t it? I certainly wouldn’t trust Jeftel with my email address given that they still refuse to admit that it is UBE.

Alain STEVENS, cyberdetective (user link) says:

Re: Re: Re: will the computer become zombies ?

I found this in the software licence :

3.3 The User by accepting these terms and conditions grants permission for the
Company to utilise the processor and bandwidth of the User’s computer for the limited purpose of facilitating communication between others within the Jefcom Community.

It seems to be strange, no ?

Jemma says:

Re: Hooray to Jeftel !!!...Die Spam Die

I totally agree Mike! Terrorists are torrorists?They need far better weapons than a secure email system! I mean how far will Jeftel assist terrorists? They have yields of weapons and arseals which should definatly take priority over concerns regarding Jeftel?.Don?t you think?

Jeftel uses a highly advanced system that encrypts emails to an extremely secure standard. Ok, it may not appeal to the majority, but it is certainly a tool to have within businesses and companies (both large and small) who wish to send secure information internally. For exmaple, a manager within a firm may want to communicate information with regards to a pay rise to specific collegues, without destroying the morale within the company. With Jeftel this is possible. Not only will it encrypt the email, the email you send will not get stored anywhere and conscequently, there is no possibility that anybody, apart from the intended recipient will read that email.

Further benefits include, prevention of spam emails..Don?t we all HATE spammers!?

I think Jeftel will be a huge success. Good luck!

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Fleece says:


I never heard before about the technology of sending messages from pc to pc. It looks very interesting to me in a way that in some cases when some institutions(like banks or companies) send me personal details like bank details or login details into my email address, I always been worried about these details to be stolen by hackers from the servers where they are stored. But Jeftel offered a very good solution of it that no information will be stored on any of the server and will go straight to the recipient pc.

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