Video Game Sports Taking Over For The Real Thing

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Every year when big sporting events come, you always see news organizations run the various teams through a sports game simulator to see what the game predicts will happen. They do it every year with the Superbowl and the World Series among others. Well, now that there’s a labor battle in the hockey world, it appears that G4techTV (which hasn’t really recovered since buying, and then ditching TechTV) has decided it will start playing the games virtually and posting the scores and stats to their website along with videos from the virtual games. Parent company Comcast claims they’ll feature video highlights from the games on their Sportsnet Channel as well (as if anyone watches it). Of course, there’s no indication if anyone will actually care. Apparently, G4 hasn’t decided which video hockey game they’ll be using, so it may just depend on which one coughs up enough dough to sponsor the event.

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Comments on “Video Game Sports Taking Over For The Real Thing”

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thecaptain says:

This is being done all over

In my town (Montreal), hockey’s a big thing. With the labor battle, many people have been doing this sort of thing on their own.

We’ve set up a mini-playoff series over a weekend coming up on the X-Box with NHL2004. However I’ve heard of even more elaborate setups taking place elsewhere. Should be fun…and I don’t even particularily like hockey.

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