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Wired Gets Musicians To Release Music For Sharing

from the a-small-step dept

It’s not really much more than a publicity stunt, but Wired Magazine has convinced 16 artists (some of whom are signed to major label contracts) to contribute tracks to a compilation CD that has been released under a Creative Commons license. As the article admits, the only difference on the CD is a “legal” one — that people are free to share the music on the CD. The “big” names on the CD are David Byrne and the Beastie Boys. While it should get a bit of publicity for Creative Commons, it’s not entirely clear if this does all that much to further the discussion about music sharing. The real innovation in the industry is coming from the new music labels that realize the music is just one element of what a musician has to offer, and that the music can be used for promotion, rather than as a good to be sold.

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