Textbook Publishers Freaking Out Over File Sharing

from the oh,-the-horror dept

Upset that students might actually try to learn something without first paying ridiculous sums for textbooks, some textbook publishers are complaining that students are sharing scanned textbooks over file sharing network. Of course, the reporter had trouble finding a single student who was actually doing this — and most students seemed to think it would be something of a pain to read a textbook that way. Instead, many believe that this is just the textbook publishing industry’s way of explaining away the fact that they keep raising prices every year for no clear reason. Next thing you know, the textbook companies will start going after libraries for “sharing” books for free…

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Comments on “Textbook Publishers Freaking Out Over File Sharing”

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drewb0y says:

Outrageous textbook prices

There are also “international” editions which are not for sale in the U.S. Often paperback and black&white, they are far less expensive if you can find them, but have the same content.

Another scam of the publishers is the endless revisions where they change a few words and maybe organize differently, forcing you to buy the new editions.

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