MCI For Sale

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It looks like MCI’s turnaround plan hasn’t turned it around far enough. Reports are out this morning that the company is actively looking for a buyer. The company pretty much stopped doing very much at all for an extended period of time while they had to deal with all those pesky accounting scam problems. Now that they have their head above water, they’re realizing that the tide has pushed them far, far away from where the rest of the telecom world is. While the article speculates that they may have trouble selling themselves, that might not be the case. The now-out-of-bankrupt company has a (hopefully) clean set of books, plenty of customers, and a network that many other companies already drool over. The one area that they probably should just jettison, though, is their consumer business — or at least pull an AT&T move and focus only on VoIP. Of course, just like AT&T, MCI made the bizarre move to ditch their wireless play when having a foot in the wireless market was clearly in their long-term best interests.

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