VoIP Goes Amway

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Want to know just how hyped up VoIP has become? Not only are there weird, fake movies about it, but now companies are starting to adopt the Amway -style legal-pyramid-scheme model of selling VoIP where “customers” also happen to be “agents” selling the technology. All the more reason to start expecting VoIP spam.

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Comments on “VoIP Goes Amway”

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Anonymous Coward says:

It IS one method of distribution

In business school I sat down in my marketing class and was bewildered with the prof said we were going to cover multi-level marketing that day. A murmur broke out in the class as we all looked at each other with weird looks on our faces, thinking. “Our prof when nuts.”

“Okay, okay”, the prof said. “I know that this has a bad rap and none of you will be doing this in your careers, but it IS a way to quickly grow a sales and distribution organization with very little capital. And there are legitimate – as well as illigimate – companies that have used this in the insurance, make-up, consumer products and a lot of other segments. So keep an open mind and at least learn about something that you really know nothing about”.

Mike (profile) says:

Re: It IS one method of distribution

Sure, MLM is a (sometimes) legitimate means of building a distribution network, but it’s a scam for most of the distributors — which is what you should have learned in any business school class.


Because you’re outfitting everyone with an identical solution, giving them no competitive advantage. And, unlike a franchising system, you don’t even limit them by geography.

Instead, you’re basically building up a bunch of people to be disillusioned. It works for the people a the top, who basically trick people into doing their selling for them.

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