Verizon Wireless' Pointless Bluetooth Blocking

Why is Verizon Wireless making Bluetooth less useful? Bluetooth already has enough problems getting people to use it, and now we find out that Verizon Wireless has disabled parts of Bluetooth to make it impossible to zap photos from a phone to a PC — though, you can do it via their for-fee data service. Verizon Wireless claims they’re doing this for security reasons, which is not only not particularly believable, but pretty much pointless. Once again, it’s time for companies to realize that blocking people off from what they want to do isn’t smart. Your customers aren’t as stupid as you seem to think they are, and if you don’t let them do what they want, they’ll find someone else who will let them do what they want.

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Comments on “Verizon Wireless' Pointless Bluetooth Blocking”

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1 Comment
Richard says:

Bluetooth Blocking

I recently purchased 2 Verizon phones. Both phones advertised the fact that they had Bluetooth. Although I was able to pair the phone with my computer I cannot load any of my photos or songs. I am BLOCKED from doing so. I have almost 1700 songs on my computer and refuse to purchase more songs from Verizon.
I am tempted to end this contract and will not renew when it expires. Bluetooth is Bluetooth and as far as I am concerned;the advertising from Verizon is a Distortion of fact.
I can find nothing in there that tells you that Bluetooth will only work using and/or purchasing songs or whatever from them.

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