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Caller ID Spoofing… For Businesses

from the that-will-be-fun dept

Forget spoofed email headers, a new company has been set up to help companies spoof the caller ID. The product is focused at collections agencies and private investigators, who can call a deadbeat up pretending to be someone they know to get them to answer the phone. The company insists they just want to target those types of customers, but I imagine some telemarketers would enjoy using such a tool. Meanwhile, there are some questions on legality. One person notes that it doesn’t appear to break any laws — but someone else points out that there are rules against collections agencies misrepresenting themselves. And, of course, as soon as this becomes popular, someone will pass a law banning caller ID spoofing.

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Comments on “Caller ID Spoofing… For Businesses”

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DV Henkel-Wallace says:

Telemarketers can already do this

ANI information is normally sent by the originating equipment. “Caller ID” is only accurate when you have a single line to the switch (i.e. residential and small commercial customers). Any business with a T-1 or ISDN connection through their PBX to the CO (i.e. any business with more than about 12 lines or so, depending on tariff) can generate any caller-ID string they want.

Spoofing (user link) says:


Go to http://www.covertcall.com/6133

this site offers caller id spoofing.

check it out. only 5 cents a minute…

there is a free test you can do.

so goto the link, register your phone number and call your self off the test to see different numbers come up on your caller id.

when you register though, know that your using your phone number, and u wont be able to register that # again.

Josh @ Caller ID Spoofing (user link) says:

This is serious!

We had a guy at my work spoofing his caller ID so that people wouldn’t know he was calling from work. Well, I guess he got pissed off one day, one thing lead to another, and he made some threats against some pretty important people. Needless to say, some more important people came knocking.

Check out my guide to PROPERLY Spoof Caller ID

Nice article from the “This will be fun dept”.


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