May Go Public?

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Major League Baseball is always claiming that they’re about to go broke, though it seems like it’s more due to some questionable accounting than anything else. However, one “bright” spot appears to be their “Advanced Media” division, which earlier this year announced plans to run the web operations of other sports. The group hasn’t been without its problems. They had trouble staying online when they launched and they still seem to be having some problems understanding that they can’t own facts as they attempt to claim control over anyone explaining what’s happening in a game unless they’ve first paid Either way, apparently wants to take advantage of an open IPO window for .coms and may try to go public this fall. Now, the timing is especially interesting. The plan, according to the article, is to go public right around the World Series. While they wouldn’t necessarily be hyping themselves, it does make you wonder if that will cause some trouble with the SEC’s “quiet period.” A lot of attention will be geared towards during the World Series, and it could raise questions about how fair an IPO at that time would be. Any proceeds from the IPO would be split among the teams who funded the project — and will then promptly be placed in the owners’ pockets rather than on anything useful for the game of baseball.

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Comments on “ May Go Public?”

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1 Comment
Rick Colosimo (user link) says:

Quiet period

The quiet period doesn’t mean that companies can’t advertise or put out press releases. Product/service-related things are fine. The SEC generally allows the same level of advertising and promotion that was carried on before the offering documents were filed. What is prohibited is talk about the financial prospects of the company or things that relate to the offering of securities.
Most companies try to ramp up their general level of PR before they file the draft S1 so that they can keep up a steady stream of releases.

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