Denies UMTS As Being 3G

Admittedly, this is a bit of a cheap shot, but if you’re going to be reporting on technology, you shouldn’t have such misleading headlines. The folks at are reporting that “3G wireless arrives in Europe” about the news that Czech carrier Eurotel Praha has launched an EV-DO offering in Europe. Indeed, it is the first EV-DO offering there, but that’s not really all that interesting, considering that Europe is pretty clearly a GSM world and EV-DO is a CDMA technology. In fact, UMTS, the 3G version that is in the GSM upgrade path, is already quite well represented around the European continent. So, as you probably already know, 3G wireless arrived in Europe quite some time ago (albeit with mixed results), and the Czech announcement is just that a different kind of 3G has arrived. Not quite as exciting.

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