Technology Troubles Hit Baseball

from the not-a-good-start dept

It's opening day (well, for most teams) in Major League Baseball, and they're starting their experiment of charging for streaming games. I'm currently listening to the Yankees-Royals game online, and I haven't paid. The site seems to be down, but I went to the site, clicked on the links, and here's the game. They never asked me to pay. I'm guessing they're having a few technical difficulties. Also, here's another article pointing out that with all these tech companies going out of business, there are some questions concerning those companies that spent tons of money to rename stadiums. Now, those companies may go out of business, and what happens to the stadium names? Update: Yes, it seems I was right, the Major League Baseball site did go down today, due to too much traffic. That doesn't bode well. Why should I pay money to listen to games at a site that can't even handle what should have been expected traffic?

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