Sharp To Make Danger Devices

Danger has been looking for someone to actually make their new devices for a while now, and they’ve now convinced Sharp to handle the manufacturing. It’s a little bit surprising that they didn’t end up going with a smaller no-name ODM, as this puts a lot of the attention on Sharp instead of Danger. The company also announced yet another round of funding as they brought in $37 million more. Now that they don’t have to worry about making the devices any more, maybe they can go out and convince T-Mobile to open up the Danger platform already? The company had a big group of willing developers ever since they launched nearly two years ago. However, since that time, with T-Mobile keeping the platform entirely closed except for just a few apps that they allow in, those developers have found better things to do. Thus, the device, itself, has few useful apps, while competing smart phones on more common platforms have thousands of apps.

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