UWB Competition: Good Or Bad?

We’ve written about the ongoing battle over the UWB standard a bunch of times already. It wasn’t quite news last week that the two sides met at the IEEE conference and left without accomplishing a damn thing that would move them any closer to a single standard. What is amusing, however, is the sudden explanation that having competition between the two versions of the standard is a good thing. Over at TheFeature, I explain why that’s simply not true. Sure, we’re big believers in free market competition — however, the competition needs to be between two different parties, not two different parties pretending to be the same party. That leads to customer confusion, resentment and disillusionment. Having both sides working on “UWB” when those two UWB won’t work together isn’t good for anyone. It will only slow down adoption, upset and confuse potential customers, and potentially damage the overall reputation of UWB all at the same time.

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