3G Numbers For Korea

Koreans continue to adopt 3G services at a fairly rapid clip. A new report is claiming that 30 million of the 34 million mobile phone customers in Korea now are on 3G networks. Of course, the majority of those are on 1x networks, which you could argue are really 2.5G (the article admits that not everyone agress this is 3G — something most reporters gloss over). Still, if you’re looking at true 3G, EV-DO (or even the handful of WCDMA) customers, there are 7.7 million users, which is nothing to sneeze at. And all of this happened in just a few years. The article claims the first 1x network launched in 2001, which is a little off, since SK Telecom got the ball rolling in October 2000, but that’s still less than four years. The first EV-Do network (again, SK Telecom) launched in January of 2002.

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