Lawsuit Against Florida Law Prohibiting E-Vote Recounting

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thecaptain writes in to tell us: “Voting groups are fighting to overturn a rule that prohibits manual recounting of ballots cast with touchscreen machines. There’s a RULE in Florida that prohibits recounts of ballots cast with touchscreen machines? How frightening is that? I’m glad I’m Canadian.” It’s even more frightening than it seems. As is pointed out in the article, the law is based on the obviously incorrect assertion that e-voting machines can do no wrong — something that’s already been shown to be false in an audit conducted in Florida. Even worse, reports are now coming out that the company behind the mis-count problem, Electronic Systems and Software, knew about the problem over a year ago and never bothered to tell anyone about it. Their argument is that it doesn’t actually impact the real vote counts, but only the audit record. Obviously, since Florida bans rechecking the vote counts, that audit record is meaningless, so why should they have told anyone? What is it with Florida and voting?

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