Is Kazaa Over?

from the moving-on dept

As someone who has never used Kazaa, I have no idea how its use has changed over time, but apparently, more and more users are bailing out. They’re fed up with the adware, the lawsuits (which often target Kazaa users) and all the bogus files. Of course, while that might sound like wonderful news for the recording industry, it’s actually much worse. Users aren’t giving up on file sharing, they’re just switching to other offerings that include more useful features and less annoying crap (gee, what a surprise). The article points out that the various lawsuits against Kazaa owner Sharman appear to be taking their toll as the product has been unable to keep up. However, this whole thing points to a much more important fact: users are going to keep migrating to better products that are further underground. Each time the recording industry thinks they’re declaring victory, they’re just making their own job harder — and I don’t just mean the job of tracking down and suing file sharing individuals. They’re making it increasingly difficult to set up a system that actually embraces file sharing, while still giving them the ability to make money. They could still do it, but they’ve given no indication that they intend to go down that path. Instead, they seem to enjoy making things worse for themselves, because that lets them keep complaining.

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Comments on “Is Kazaa Over?”

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Not A Music Fan says:

Going underground? Already there...

With the advent of usb external hard drives, why bother going online to share?

People can now walk around with +200gb USB2.0 hard drives, and all these files by merely hooking up and sucking away.

Pretty soon our wireless devices will be so small and have such huge capacities that somebody will simply be riding a bus with a directory open to the world. Anyone riding the bus with them can share files back and forth.

Napster for buses? Why not?

Peer to peer does NOT need the internet.

LittleW0lf says:

Re: No Subject Given

Typically, they rethink how “free” Kazaa is after my $150.00 bill to clean their system.

Darn Jeremiah, you get $150 to clean their computers for them…and to think all this time I’ve been cleaning the computers of friends and family for free! At least I have proof now that people actually make money for doing this.

sandie says:

what kazaa use to be

It was nice about 3 years ago to use Kazaa, but then, about a year later I picked up a Sven Virus from them and never went back into using them ever again. So glad I did stop, would hate to have problems with spyware. They aren’t a good site to use anymore. Wish I knew of a site that was free to get all the songs you want, and safe. I am still hunting around.

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