Enterprise Level Spyware

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This won’t surprise most people, but the rise of spyware and adware is not just an issue for home users, but it’s now showing up in office PCs as well. Some people have even pointed out that it may be a bigger problem in the office, since users aren’t as careful about what they do, knowing that they have a tech support staff who can “clean things up” for them. Still, the article suggests the next generation of spyware may be more enterprise focused — in that it may actually be designed to steal confidential information and give it to competitors. Right now, of course, there’s no evidence that this is actually happening, and it would be fairly difficult for anyone to pull off such a targeted piece of spyware and get it into that company. However, that doesn’t mean the next generation of malware won’t try to cause additional problems for companies.

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Comments on “Enterprise Level Spyware”

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Doug says:

Re: adware,spyware given free.

You get what you pay for is what I always say. Actually we are evaluating a product called Spy Sweeper Enterprise, it has a nice central management feature… I think this anti-spyware software actually helps with system performance more than protects against espionage threats. At least the performance piece is tangible.

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