AOL Buys For No Clear Reason

from the there-goes-that-idea dept

AOL announced today that they’re buying What’s not entirely clear, however, is why. They claim it’s to “provide advertisers with an opportunity to reach more than 140 million Internet users.” Of course, advertisers already had that opportunity. works with advertisers to connect them to 1,500 publishers — but now, in being owned by AOL, they’ll be competing with those publishers. If that’s the case, is likely to lose a lot of business from publishers, and will really only be useful for advertising on AOL properties. Of course, there were already ways to advertise on AOL, so it’s not entirely clear how useful this will be. Still, it has to be slightly better than relying on scamming employees to sell AOL email addresses to spammers as a way of advertising to AOL customers.

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Comments on “AOL Buys For No Clear Reason”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Aohell sucks

Aohell doesn’t pay their employees a living wage so its no surpirse an unethical employee sold the list. ( I’m not saying it was right )

Aohell is notorious THEMSELVES for selling or “renting” their subscribers information to 3rd parties. Buying is proof in point.

Aohell blathers on about how they protect your privacy and its an outright lie.

Three Men In A Boat says:

Re: Aohell sucks

Ah, an “AOL sucks” posting… um, BORING… sorry, but you’re behind the times- this kinda thing used to be cool, but now it’s just lame.

You make three claims in your posting, and all of them are completely without basis. Unless, of course, you happen to have evidence?

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