A Useless Cure For A Harmless Smartphone Virus

from the how-to-get-some-free-press dept

Last week news quickly spread about a so-called smartphone worm that had been “discovered.” Of course, what most of the stories left out is that you would have to be pretty stupid to actually get the worm. It seems that, once again, the announcement of a vulnerability is just being used by a company to get themselves more publicity, whether or not there’s a real risk. This time, an Australian anti-virus firm is claiming that they’re the first to come up with software to get rid of this nasty threat, ignoring that plenty of others have pointed out how to get rid of it if you’re so stupid as to get it. In the meantime, over in South Korea they seem to be preparing for a more serious phone virus outbreak, as SK Telecom is now offering anti-virus software for phones. Of course, it’s unclear how the anti-virus program works. If no phone viruses exist, the definition file must be pretty small.

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