Lawyer Jailed For Turning Off His Phone

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There are so many stories about how people keep trying to get others to leave their mobile phones alone — whether while driving or in restaurants or at a performance. However, this story goes in the other direction. Many courthouses actually ban the use of mobile phones, but apparently that’s not the case at the courthouse in this story. A judge who was trying to reach a lawyer during his lunch break about a case, later ordered the lawyer to leave his mobile phone on. The lawyer refused and was sent to jail. The article says the lawyer gave no reason for refusing, but it’s hard to understand what law would require you to leave your phone on for a judge to call you whenever he wants.

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Comments on “Lawyer Jailed For Turning Off His Phone”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Judges rule.

…what law would require you to leave your phone on for a judge to call you whenever he wants.

Judges don’t really need specific laws to accomplish their means. Or, if they want cover, they can always rule that some law means whatever they want it to mean. Like the saying goes, “Laws state, but judges rule.” Just ask the lawyer in jail.
Laws? We don’t need no stinkin’ laws!

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