Combined 3G/WiFi Card Launched

Option is trying to get some buzz going around the fact that they’ve launched a combined UMTS 3G/GPRS/802.11g laptop card. It’s not so interesting that they’ve got both UMTS and GPRS on there — at this point, with UMTS still being rolled out you wouldn’t expect anything less. I have no idea if this really is the “first” combined card of this nature, but if it is, it’s likely that others aren’t far off. What would actually be cool (and it doesn’t look like this card does this) is if the device could look for the best possible network and seamlessly shift you over on the fly. In other words, if there were an open WiFi network avaialable, use that. If you get out of range, but there’s UMTS, use that. If you’re out in pre-3G land, go to GPRS — and have all of this happen on the fly, without interupting connections. That would be handy.

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