Verizon Wireless Gets More International Texting Flavor

Pushing forward their efforts to let subscribers send text messages around the globe, Verizon Wireless has now expanded the number of countries that users can send messages to. Of course, just like with international phone calls, the pricing varies depending on where you’re sending a message. You have to wonder if these national boundary issues will remain over time. As more people get used to using things like VoIP, where international borders and area codes don’t really matter, won’t people start to expect the same thing on their mobile phones? The carriers love the fact that they can price discriminate based on distance, but our network infrastructure means the reasons for this are becoming less relevant. Right now, the only real issue is the agreements the carriers make to accept messages from each others’ networks – but if the situation is competitive, the prices should drop to the point that it won’t be worth having different agreements for every country.

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Comments on “Verizon Wireless Gets More International Texting Flavor”

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1 Comment
jjavier says:

international text messages

I am a verizon costumer. My wife send a lot of international text messages. At first we thought it was included in the bundle plan so the text messaging just went on and on. The bill came and it was almost a hundred dollars!I was so surprised. So I called Verizon and ask about my bill.They said that international text messaging is billed separately… and is .25 per message.My wife said it was too expensive. She said only if she had known that before, she convinced me to go to T-MOBILE… coz they charge the cheapest… .15 per message. Our contract will be expired in two months and she wants to switch carrier because of that!

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