More Hype For Plaxo

from the lazy-PR dept

You can always tell when a lazy PR person has been given the job to hype up some random startup in Silicon Valley. That’s when the “profile” piece comes out, focusing almost entirely on the 22-year-old founder of a company, rather than the company itself or what it does. It looks like that’s the latest strategy to hype up Plaxo, with a story that focuses on its young co-founders and the similarities the company has to Yahoo and Google – namely founded by two Stanford students and funded by Michael Moritz. Of course, the article leaves out the differences – such as the fact that a fair number of folks find Plaxo’s service both annoying and creepy – and they’re still searching for a business model. It also leaves out the fact that one of Plaxo’s founders was recently forced out of the company, suggesting that not all is well at Plaxo central. I still fail to see how Plaxo is any more than a small feature of an email system – and the only thing I learned from this article is that the company likes to compare itself to multi-billion dollar companies that actually do have business models.

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Comments on “More Hype For Plaxo”

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mike arkin says:

Re: Re: its great for me

well, if you are worried every time someone gives your contact info to some “random” company, then you have a lot more then plaxo to worry about. I’ve used a number of different services that allow me to keep my contact info on the net and every one of those is keeping your info just like plaxo. Frankly plaxo is no different then any other address book sync service (like fusion one which I’m lucky to use.) Are you going got get mad when I have your address in my yahoo address book, because that is the same thing?

As for “spamming you” that is the most absurd thing ever. Plaxo does not spam. I choose contacts that I don’t have info for and plaxo sends a mail out for me. Its not spam if I CHOOSE to have my mail client send you a mail.

PS. this is from their privacy policy:

Plaxo will not sell, exchange, or otherwise share Your Information with third parties, unless required by law or in accordance with your instructions.

Plaxo does not send spam, maintain spam mailing lists, or support the activities of spammers.

JohnnyT says:

google didn't have a business model

When Google first launched and garnered its funding, it did not have a business model, just a vision to build the best search there is. I believe their business model may have been originally selling their search appliances to enterprise. Once they found their business model, they were obviously extremely successful. But saying Plaxo is lame because they don’t have a business model just a great vision and good software is unfair.

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