Computer Makers Jump Into The Anti-Spyware Game

from the but-will-it-actually-work? dept

While various ISPs have been making noises about how they now offer anti-spyware protection, there have been many complaints as it seems most of those products are very limited in how they block out spyware. It appears that most don’t want to upset “partner” companies. Of course, relying on ISPs isn’t the only way to fight spyware. PC makers are jumping into the game and are looking to offer spyware protection on their own. This is quite a change from just last year when Dell had told its tech support employees not to talk about spyware or to help people download products to get rid of it. It appears these PC makers are now realizing that spyware is a big problem – and many of the support calls are being directed in their direction. This does raise an interesting issue about what may turn into an ongoing battle over who “owns” the customer – the PC maker or the broadband provider? Already, many PCs come with anti-virus software. Are people going to keep looking to the hardware provider to offer such protective software, or will it continue moving to the broadband providers as everyone seems to expect?

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