Yahoo Defines Virtually Unlimited As 2 Gigs

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Last month, Yahoo responded to Google’s Gmail by saying they would offer 100 megs of email for free and virtually unlimited storage to those who paid. We wondered how they defined virtually unlimited and now we know. It turns out that, according to Yahoo, virtually unlimited is 2 gigs at $20. Doesn’t seem all that unlimited, but Yahoo is clearly counting on the press to focus on how two gigs tops the one gig of Google. So far, that’s exactly what the press is doing. Most seem to brush over the fact that Yahoo’s 2 gigs cost money while Google’s 1 gig is free. Anyway, the one thing made clear by all of this: online storage space is (once again) a commodity. While some think that’s a bad thing, it really means that there are a ton of new possibilities for services to be built around tons of free online storage. Understanding commoditization is critical for any tech company these days – and recognizing when something becomes a commodity is the first step. Next up is figuring out how to use that to your advantage.

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