Libraries Still Turning Down Federal Funds Over Filter Issue

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A year after the Supreme Court said the federal government could require public libraries to use filters on their computers if they wanted to receive federal funds, libraries are still debating what to do. While many libraries immediately decided to forego any federal funding, others spent some time debating it. Up in Oregon, a library has decided that their philosophy on library access to information is more important than some federal dollars and won’t block all of their computers. Instead, because they’re smart enough to understand this isn’t a fully black-and-white issue, they’re putting filters on some machines, and giving users the choice.

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Comments on “Libraries Still Turning Down Federal Funds Over Filter Issue”

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dorpus says:

Talibanic America

This debate reflects the Taliban-like fixation that Americans have on the institution of “family values”, i.e. marriage and children. In Europe and Asia, people have more casual attitudes toward what we would call “family values”. Even Japanese women, who many Americans perceive as submissive or family-oriented, are perhaps the most anti-marriage women in the world today. Americans would sooner let their kids see porn than welcome someone who openly says that he/she does not want to marry. Even homosexuals and left-wing activists here make a big deal out of finding their “partner for life”.

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