Car Dealers Slowly Understanding What The Internet Means

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Last time I bought a car, I went through Car Buying Tips in great detail and ended up getting a price well below invoice and significantly lower than what Edmund’s called the “true market value” – which they claim is what you should pay. Best of all, the process went very quickly when dealing with the dealer (mostly via the internet) – because I was informed and didn’t need to be bothered with various tricks. While I may not have brought in as much money directly from the car, I also didn’t waste their time. It appears that more car dealers are beginning to recognize that the informed customer isn’t always a bad customer. They’re willing to pay a reasonable price and they don’t need to be worked on for wasteful hours. What’s most amusing about this article, though, is that there are now two types of dealers. The showroom dealers who like finding uninformed suckers and pushing the hard sell on them for hours at a time, and those who prefer to just get hot leads off the internet, sell more cars, and make more commissions (often based on number of vehicles sold – and not for how much).

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