McDonald's Trying DVD Rentals… Again?

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A year and a half ago we noted that McDonald’s had decided to run a trial program in the Washington DC area, where they offered DVD rentals out of a large vending machine at their stores. There wasn’t much news about the program, and it seemed safe to assume it wasn’t going anywhere. However, today, McDonald’s is announcing what sounds like an identical DVD rental program in Denver – without mentioning at all that they’ve already tried this. It’s a bit odd that they would roll out a second “test” program so much later, and not even admit they had done an earlier test of an identical system.

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Comments on “McDonald's Trying DVD Rentals… Again?”

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BoilerBob says:

Re: No Subject Given

While I agree buying the “best locations” is a dumb idea, I think it could be good for a company like McDonalds. Increased revenue plus repeat trips to the store (to return the rentals). If it’s managed well, they throw a box of new dvd’s on the truck with the food supplies, no additional delivery costs. Cheap labor to restock the machines. When the films are too old be be rented, sell them in a bin for $2 next to the registers (I guessing that it’s cheaper to give them away then to ship them back to a warehouse) I could see this being a break even opportunity that increases traffic to the store which increases revenue in their core products.

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