A Broadcast Flag For Digital Radio?

from the when-will-they-learn dept

The RIAA isn’t exactly known for understanding concepts like fair use, or that giving consumers what they want generally helps to grow a market, but now they’re just wasting everyone’s time. Their latest move is to push for a broadcast flag for digital radio, so that you may no longer be able to record what you hear on the radio. In other words, just as the industry is trying to convince people to switch over to digital radio for the better sound quality, they’re also going to be taking away the rights people have enjoyed for ages concerning what they can do with the content they hear.

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Comments on “A Broadcast Flag For Digital Radio?”

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Secret Squirrel says:

Re: No Subject Given

No need to worry folks, it has been proven time and time again that one cannot plug the “analog hole” for audio without serious loss to quality. The very worst this will do is that everyone will have to record via line-in to their computers or tape decks. Since I doubt that electronics companies would be willing to comply with an order to have only digital outputs (ADAT, etc) on radios in the future, this ruling would be totally moot. At least that’s how I see it.

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