Semacode Gets More Attention

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There’s been a lot of buzz lately about Semacode, a new system to create barcode-like markers that can be interpreted by a camera phone photo to provide more information. The idea isn’t particularly new. In fact, we’ve written about similar things a few times before. What is new is that this system is open – which may be both good and bad. There is still the “empty room” problem of getting such semacodes out there. A better way to launch such a product would be to build into the Semacode system a way to read regular product barcodes. Then, suddenly you have a pre-filled arena where Semacode software would be useful. If, on top of this, people could then create their own Semacodes it seems more likely to catch on. Still, once again, this is another example of why people trashing camera phones have missed the point. It’s not about being a camera, but about how that camera is connected and that lets you do something different. You can’t “get more info” about a product using a regular camera.

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Comments on “Semacode Gets More Attention”

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Mike (profile) says:

Re: No Subject Given

Er. You miss the point. The technology can be used to get more info on *anything*.

For example, in a museum, if you want to get more info about a painting, just point and click. Or, if you’re walking down a street and want more info about a building: point and click. Tourist attractions? Same thing.

Even for just ordinary products it can be useful. If I see a book at the local Borders and want to see what others have said about it? Point and click. Or, what if I’m in a restaurant and want to know the nutritional info of the fries? Point and click.

Use your imagination a bit and you’ll see how this could be quite useful.

Mike (profile) says:

Re: Cue cat

Indeed that’s part of it. However, it also is an open system – meaning anyone can make semacodes. The problems with CueCat were multiple: you had to have the device connected to your computer, you had to have a magazine nearby that had convinced advertisers to make CueCat barcodes, and you had to actually want to get more info about the *advertisers*.

It was useful to no one except the advertisers, and if it’s not useful to users, why would anyone use it?

Semacode at least has the chance of being useful to users… though I’m not sure it will really catch on either.

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