Eminem Allowed To Sue Apple Over Song Copyright

from the can-you-sing-a-song-on-national-TV? dept

In February, singer Eminem announced that he was suing Apple for having a commercial that showed a kid singing one of his songs. At the time, I wondered if compulsory licensing laws that handle the ability of a musician to “cover” a song would apply – but some claim that it doesn’t apply to commercial offerings. Now, a judge has ruled that the case can proceed, and it could bring up some interesting legal arguments about fair use. Note that Apple didn’t actually use Eminem’s version of the song – just some kid singing it. That seems like a very fine line. Of course, what may complicate this story is the fact that Apple tried to buy the rights from Eminem, and still went ahead when he refused. It almost makes you wonder if the whole thing (including the lawsuit) is part of a publicity stunt.

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