Spyware Free Now A Marketing Feature?

from the how-the-game-goes dept

Eventually this had to happen. So much spyware is installed when people download free programs and don’t realize the fine print includes all sorts of nasty programs they’re agreeing to. However, most people hate all the spyware installed on their machine – and when people hate something that companies are doing that just means it’s an opportunity for another company to come along and hype the fact that they’re not doing that. So, it’s not really surprising that the new version of LimeWire is hyping the fact that they don’t install any spyware – as if that’s a feature. While I find it amusing (and a bit upsetting) that software makers need to make this clear, hopefully other software developers will do the same. As the spyware bundle problem has become worse, more and more people are reluctant to download any new software online for fear of what comes with it. While some software providers have hidden their “no spyware included” statement in the detailed info or the FAQ – having it front and center may become increasingly important.

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