Mobile Phone Profits Go Up As Clothes Come Off

Clearly, I don’t appreciate the efforts some people will go to in order to get their regular porn fix. For all the talk of porn on mobile phones, I never really thought it would turn out to be that big of a market – despite so many other technologies that used porn to lead the way to market acceptance. Even knowing the history of porn as a technology ice-breaker, I just couldn’t see the appeal of people using their mobile phones to access just about any kind of porn. Pictures would be tiny, text would be limited and you were often likely to be out where others were around. All of these suggested that porn would be a niche market at best. It appears that (and this isn’t the first time this has happened), I was wrong. Over in Europe, mobile porn revenue is getting lots of people excited (over the money, not the porn – though, I imagine the latter may be the case for some as well). Still, if you read between the lines in the article, it’s still debatable just how large the mobile porn market is. While the big carriers are trying to figure out how to get their slice, so far it really seems like only smaller companies are making any money off of porn – combined with lots of analysts who are predicting that mobile porn will be big. Maybe we should just wait a little while longer to find out how wrong my original mobile porn predictions were…

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